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The person who keeps saying you’re the problem in the relationship has a secret. There’s a reason why you keep apologising and trying harder, yet still get it wrong. Calling you too sensitive, accusing you of overthinking and refusing to discuss things? That’s a deliberate tactic. Why? Because you’re not really the problem – and

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Trauma Bonds

There’s something nobody wants to admit about toxic relationships and all their drama. Something we can’t share because people might stop being sympathetic if we did. It’s something that those of us who’ve been in one know only too well but we’re embarrassed to say it…… And that is that life is kinda boring without

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Why Does He DO That?

Ever wish you could send the email you REALLY want to send to your boss? But you can’t afford to quit? Ever fantasised about walking out on your dick of a partner? But there’s the mortgage/rent, kids/dogs, etc. And a pandemic. An abuser could be your partner, your boss, your parent, your friend, your colleague.

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