No post yesterday, sorry peeps. I took a rest day and then spent the afternoon getting chores out the way so I could relax for the Super Bowl. I became a fan of (American) Football a few years ago through some American friends I used to play an online game with. I streamed a game on the internet and fell in love with the action, the athleticism of the players, the aggressive and yet disciplined approach to the game and the technicality of the play calling. I’ve been watching it ever since via the European version of the NFL Game Pass. I even took my son to one of the London Games a couple of years ago to watch the Rams v the Giants. It was one of the best days we’ve spent together, full of excitement and adventure. He handled the long day like a champ: the train journey, the crowds and the noise on the underground, the crowds and noise at the venue, the stop-start of the game, the unpredictability of people cheering. He handled it all. He even joined in with the cheering and chanting for our chosen team of the game: The New York Giants. The Giants won, to our joy. Since then he’s become a fan too and he has chosen the Seattle Seahawks as his team. My team is the Carolina Panthers.

The Super Bowl is the highlight of the football year and although Panthers weren’t in it I was still looking forward to watching. It’s on late over here, starting at almost midnight. I cooked up some American-style barbecue chilli and beans for dinner and stocked up on a few beers and snacks. Husband and son went to bed and I settled in with my beers and snacks for the all-nighter, going to bed at 4am to rise again at 7:30 to get Tom up and ready for school. You won’t be surprised to learn I went back to bed after he left to catch up on my beauty sleep. Still, it’s only once a year.

See you same place, same time next year and hopefully I’ll be celebrating the Panthers’ victory. Keep Pounding!

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