Sometimes I run towards things and sometimes away, to escape.
Sometimes I run with others or against others, sometimes I run alone, sometimes I run against myself.
Sometimes I run because I can’t keep still with excitement and sometime I run because everyone else is. Sometimes I run because I can’t think of anything else to do.
Sometimes I get tired and I have to walk, or even crawl, and sometimes I come to a complete

But you know how it is, this race.
We always get up again.
We rise to our knees or grab someone’s hand and again we are
Running as far and as fast in the direction of our dreams as our hearts will take us.

Some people say this isn’t a race.
They’re right; it isn’t a race.
It’s the race.
The race into the unknown, into our hopes and fears and each other’s arms. The race that never ends so long as there’s someone to run it.
So run, run laughing.
Run wearing fancy dress.
Run with friends.
Run, rest often and drink plenty of water.
Plan your route or go off-road.
It doesn’t matter how you run.
Just remember to have fun.

Fun Run4

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