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Hello and happy end of the week. I hope this week has been good to you. I couldn’t let the week pass without posting, as per my vow earlier this month, but I’ve certainly taken it right to the wire this time! I’ve been engrossed in rebranding and marketing my other blog on autism, parenting and personal development, previously known as The Greatest Adventure and now called Aspects of Autism. It’s been a packed week including a Skype call with my mentors, a digital content marketing webinar, social media work, domain name research, some networking and it’s been the Easter school holidays too so I’ve had fun hanging out with my son for two weeks, which has kept me busy.

I’ve loved it! I’ve loved learning new things, I’ve loved working on my passion for writing and educating, I’ve loved connecting with people online, I’ve loved stretching myself beyond my current limits. I’ve loved the buzz of dreaming up new ideas and planning out my year. I am looking back on a productive week with satisfaction and I am feeling HAPPY.

There are many things that create a state of happiness and for me achieving my goals and feeling that I have done something meaningful is a big part of that. What is happiness to you? What makes you happy? Is it exercising a skill, being creative, doing something meaningful, making others happy, relaxing, spending time on yourself, learning something new, socialising with good friends, making new friends, achieving goals, challenging yourself, time spent with family, looking after pets, eating a good meal? What are the elements that make up a state of happiness? How do you do happy?

I’d love for you to comment and let me know. Happy Sunday, see you next week.




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  1. I am happy when I’m goofing around and being silly and playing like a child. I am happy when I can be outside on a pleasant day and see the wind in the trees, smell the flowers, see and hear the birds, feel at peace and close to nature. Being by the ocean is when I’m happiest. The sight, sound and smell of the waves recharges my batteries and makes me feel cleansed. When life is everyday normal, I’m happy. When I learn something new, I’m happy. When I am able to help someone, I’m happy. When I’m alone with a good book, I’m happy.

    I try to find joy every single day. Most days I succeed.

    Great post❣💌💌

    1. threedeemee says:

      You’re an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your happiness. Have a very happy day. 😊

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