While I was ill in June, I spent some time musing on my experiences this year and drew up the following, which I published on my Facebook timeline:

  1. Life should be fun. If it isn’t, go make some. 😊
  2. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to. 😎
  3. Just because everyone else is doing it differently doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. 👍
  4. If you’re tired, rest. If you’re still tired, revise your schedule. 😴
  5. If you’re not happy, look at your expectations and how you’re trying to meet them. 🤔
  6. If you’re still not happy speak out. Speak calmly, don’t yell; seek solutions, don’t blame. 🤝
  7. Hardly anyone deliberately sets out to be selfish or ruin your day: assume good intentions. 🙂
  8. People will disappoint you without meaning to. You will also let other people down without meaning to. Handle it. 😎
  9. Emotions are tricky and catch up with you when you’re weak.😯 
  10. If you screw up, make sure you apologise in good time and with a sincere heart. 
  11. Let people go and sometimes they come back. 💕
  12. People care in different ways, not always your way. Accept the care in the form they can give it, not in the form you want it. 😍
  13. When you care, care because you want to and because it’s in you to give, not because you want something back. 🙂
  14. Treasure other people: you don’t know when you’ll speak to them again. You may never speak to them again. Let your memories be good ones. 😘😊
  15. Make good memories. 😃😍✌️🙌🎉🔥💯



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Image by mohamed_hassan on Pixabay.com


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