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More words of wisdom…..

  • Rules are made to be broken
  • Limits exist to be tested
  • If someone says “no”, it only means you can’t do it with them, not that you can’t do it at all
  • If you want it you’ll find a way
  • If you don’t have it then you either don’t really want it or you haven’t found the right way yet: keep going
  • It’s okay to change mid-direction; you’re the pilot, you get to choose your course
  • Who cares what everyone else is doing? Do what’s right for you, you’ll know when it feels right
  • You get to choose how much stress and pressure you live under so create the circumstances that give you the level you want!
  • Nothing is written in stone: stay flexible
  • Tomorrow is another day
  • Seize the day anyway – just for funsies 😉

Change Your Mindset!

🤕 You’re not broken, you’re healing from past wounds 

😢 You’re not hopeless, you’re working on solutions 🤔

😐 You’re not lost, you’re investigating options 👀

👎 You’re not a failure, you’re trying new approaches 💪

💔 You’re not unloving or unlovable, you’re learning to love and be loved ❣️

Don’t be ashamed of the time it takes to become who you want to be. Keep going: change is a process and the only way to learn is to try so keep trying, make mistakes and learn!

Just remember:

🔥Everything you want to be, you are already. It is already within you.🔥

Worrying About Nothing…

All we think and experience exists within us now, all that we will be and think and experience does not yet exist so why worry about it? Why get stressed about the things we haven’t done or about not being how we think we should be, or things not being the way we want them. That’s worrying about a “not” thing, a non-thing, something that doesn’t exist. Stress is literally worrying about nothing. How silly! For the first time I truly understand that phrase, “worrying about nothing”.

Find Another Perspective!

Find another perspective: saw these gates on my evening walk yesterday. They amused me. Clearly they are there to deter vehicles but with no fence either side someone on a bike or on foot can easily gain access to the land.

If you can’t find a way past an obstacle, take another perspective, try another method. Don’t give up; if you can’t go through then go round! It might not be as daunting as it seems from another angle.

Have a marvellous Monday, all! #MotivationalMonday#MarvellousMonday

💡⚡️💡 QUICK TIP: 💡⚡️💡
If you find your mind running away with thoughts today, stop; take a slow, deep breath in and then out and say “I am here. Now.” Focus on the sensation of sitting or standing where you are. If you’re engaged in a task focus completely on the actions and the physical sensations that arise. Every time your mind wanders (and it will), as soon as you become aware repeat the phrase, “I am here. Now.” This is mindfulness: being totally present and connected between mind and body. While you are present you are not thinking about anything else. Give yourself a quick brain break and practise mindfulness. 😊

#MindfulMoment #HowToDoHappy



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