It’s All About You (Why I’m Coaching Myself First)

I’m stopping today. Letting it all go. Taking a deep breath in and a long breath out….. So many plans, so much energy, so many thoughts! I’ve worn myself out. Time to implement my five R’s: Retreat Reflect Refocus Relaunch Review In the new year you’ll hear about how YOU can implement them in yourContinue reading “It’s All About You (Why I’m Coaching Myself First)”

Can You Triumph Over A Trial?

When disaster hits, how do you respond? I’m focusing on the word “convinced” today. We have probably all been advised at some point or the other to see the positives in life and to learn lessons from our challenges but how often are we actually convinced that something good will come from it? When I’mContinue reading “Can You Triumph Over A Trial?”

Are You Lonely for Yourself?

This article first appeared as a post on my Facebook last month. If you’d like to see my regular Facebook posts and my daily quotes as soon as they are published then like and follow my page. While you’re at it, why not join my Facebook group to receive exclusive group content? This is aContinue reading “Are You Lonely for Yourself?”