I’m stopping today. Letting it all go. Taking a deep breath in and a long breath out…..

So many plans, so much energy, so many thoughts! I’ve worn myself out. Time to implement my five R’s:

  • Retreat
  • Reflect
  • Refocus
  • Relaunch
  • Review

In the new year you’ll hear about how YOU can implement them in your life to have a happier, more fulfilling 2019. But first it’s my turn to practise what I preach. Before I go hurtling into next year I need to get myself in the best mindset possible, get my clarity and focus, get myself aligned to my values, set my priorities and organise my goals, get those habits and routines in place and get READY for 2019. I’m spending this weekend and next week doing just that, and will be building on it throughout December.

By New Year’s Day I’ll be in the best shape possible to help YOU create the 2019 you want. It’s all about you. But first I need to make it all about me. 

Join me in and take the rest of this year to reflect on what you want to achieve next year, who you want to be, how you want to feel. Look at what’s important to you, how you honour that in your life, who you share your life with and how you relate to them. It’s time to wrap up this year and focus on what’s to come.

Finish 2018 strong and start next year as you mean to go on. Your life is waiting. Get ready!

-love the the life you have, create the life you want-

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