I present to you my brand new program, FIERCE AND FABULOUS.

Are you surrounded by toxic arseholes? Are you sick of people taking advantage of you?

Are you the one who always does the giving, makes the compromises, keeps the peace and goes above and beyond while everyone else sits back?

Are you so OVER being everyone’s good little girl? Are you SICK AND TIRED of being treated like an afterthought, an inconvenience or a fool? Do you wish you could be taken seriously as a GROWN WOMAN?


Hell yes!?

FIERCE AND FABULOUS to the rescue! My intensive, six-week group program will show you how to:

  • kick out the users
  • shut down the bullies
  • walk away from the manipulators
  • spot the red flags
  • filter out the timewasters
  • enjoy relationships with people who give as much as you do
  • show off your amazing talents and character
  • get the respect you deserve

This life-changing program will give you the tools and confidence to end that bad relationship, walk away from that toxic friend, say “no” to your demanding family and say “yes” to yourself.

  • No more apologising
  • No more guilt
  • No more self-doubt
  • No more playing small
  • No more working harder and harder
  • No more waiting to be noticed
  • No more insecurity

You’ll get the support of your fellow Fierce Friends in your own private group. Women cheering each other on in a safe and loving environment. FINALLY, someone who WANTS you to succeed!

You can go for that promotion or apply for that new job. Try that new look, practice that new skill. We’ve got your back.

Want in?

FIERCE AND FABULOUS is £180 in three instalments or £160 if paid in full, in advance.

Three places left.

Starts Monday 18th Jan.

Delivered weekly over Zoom.

If you’re excited to start creating the future you WANT, enjoy the love you know you DESERVE, and get away from all the energy sucking BS that drags you down, you can message me to secure your place at:


Are you ready to get FIERCE?

Client Results

Client N

N had spent so many years in miserable relationships that she had no idea any more how to relax and have fun.

She was consumed with trying to understand her on/off partner, feeling guilty and confused, stressed and drained.

A few weeks with me and she’s exited the relationship. Now she’s focusing on what makes her feel good.She’s decided to form a band and has started learning TWO languages.

The woman with no spark is on fire!

Client C

C wanted to start her own counselling business but didn’t dare take the leap.

A single mum of two young children, this bright, talented woman had lost her confidence following a painful break up.

Four sessions later, she launched her business. It’s still going well, even with the challenges of Covid.

Client S

S came to me desperate to understand why her partner kept walking out on her. She wanted to feel secure, loved and heard. All that relationship feel-good stuff. Instead she felt anxious, lonely and confused.

She was giving all she could but whenever she tried to tell him how she felt, they ended up arguing and he would walk out. She felt silenced and powerless to improve anything.

We’ve been working together for a month and the transformation is outstanding.

Everything changed when she saw his behaviour for what it was: his insecurity. He was making HER responsible for putting no pressure on him.

She made the decision to end the relationship and focus on the things that make her feel good. Her vibrant personality began to shine again and she’s blossoming with every week. “I feel powerful, I feel strong,” she says. “I feel better than I have in a long time.”

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