W1: When Feelings Rule Everything

Something significant and painful happened to me recently that forced me to confront my fear of judgement and my emotional thinking. I was brought up to be nice, ie to be polite, to try to see the other person’s point of view, not to hurt feelings, to keep the peace, and when I didn’t IContinue reading “W1: When Feelings Rule Everything”

Introducing Webruary!

Webruary is a little something I dreamed up last year on my other blog,┬áThe Greatest Adventure, as a prompt to produce articles daily throughout February and get into the habit of writing more regularly. Webruary articles are usually shorter and more of a diary or thought piece on whatever occurs during the day. We haveContinue reading “Introducing Webruary!”

Patience is Confidence

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is nothing, to let a situation be. When we’re going through a situation not to our liking it’s tempting to push for a speedy resolution so we can close that box in our brain and put it back on the shelf, all squared away tidily. Loose ends, vague sentiment,Continue reading “Patience is Confidence”

When ‘This Year’ is Never Your Year

As we launch into 2018 my social media feeds are full of memes, quotes and blogs telling me that people are ready to slay 2018, claim all that’s coming to them, start a new chapter and have an adventure. Not only are they going to do it but they are exhorting me to do itContinue reading “When ‘This Year’ is Never Your Year”

New Year’s Revolution

Here it comes, that time of year when we make our New Year’s resolutions, determined to become a New Me. No more smoking, drinking and eating fatty foods. Time to get actually active in our active wear! Exercise, early to bed and early to rise. So it goes until some time around the middle ofContinue reading “New Year’s Revolution”

Web Junkie! Social Media and News Detox

I am a web junkie. I admit it freely; I hate the internet and yet I crave its sweet caress. Ah, the internet. That shit friend you can’t trust that you hang around with because they make you laugh, the one who encourages you to stay up late, spend all your money and get intoContinue reading “Web Junkie! Social Media and News Detox”