W3: The Happy Place

  Good morning, afternoon and evening to you. Whatever time of day it is while you’re reading this, I hope you’re having a good one. I am. I’m currently residing in my happy place. I woke up blah, everything is blah, my body hurts, poor me. Boo hoo. The day didn’t start so well. IContinue reading “W3: The Happy Place”

W2: Gratitude is a Platitude

Today is a grump day. I’m tired, the coffee hasn’t woken me up but has given me the beginnings of a headache. The house is cold, the sky is grey, everything is kinda blah. It’s one of those days. Then I check out Pinterest and I see quotes encouraging me to be grateful for myContinue reading “W2: Gratitude is a Platitude”

W1: When Feelings Rule Everything

Something significant and painful happened to me recently that forced me to confront my fear of judgement and my emotional thinking. I was brought up to be nice, ie to be polite, to try to see the other person’s point of view, not to hurt feelings, to keep the peace, and when I didn’t IContinue reading “W1: When Feelings Rule Everything”

Patience is Confidence

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is nothing, to let a situation be. When we’re going through a situation not to our liking it’s tempting to push for a speedy resolution so we can close that box in our brain and put it back on the shelf, all squared away tidily. Loose ends, vague sentiment,Continue reading “Patience is Confidence”