W7: Your Highest Priority

Today was an unproductive day. Inspiration wouldn’t come, I couldn’t sleep last night so I decided to take a nap in the morning to catch up. My mum came over for lunch and we spent a few hours chatting. Before I knew it my son was home from school, the day was over and itContinue reading “W7: Your Highest Priority”

W6: The Fun Run

Sometimes I run towards things and sometimes away, to escape. Sometimes I run with others or against others, sometimes I run alone, sometimes I run against myself. Sometimes I run because I can’t keep still with excitement and sometime I run because everyone else is. Sometimes I run because I can’t think of anything elseContinue reading “W6: The Fun Run”

When ‘This Year’ is Never Your Year

As we launch into 2018 my social media feeds are full of memes, quotes and blogs telling me that people are ready to slay 2018, claim all that’s coming to them, start a new chapter and have an adventure. Not only are they going to do it but they are exhorting me to do itContinue reading “When ‘This Year’ is Never Your Year”