New Perspectives: Taking Things Personally

Are you one of these people who feels that life is unfair? Do people treat you unjustly? How do you feel when someone gives you criticism or feedback that doesn’t sit comfortably? How do you feel when people don’t respond to your messages on social media? How does your energy change when somebody comes intoContinue reading “New Perspectives: Taking Things Personally”

Your Brain: Social Anxiety

Social anxiety: that awful, physical and mental fear that someone is going to look at you, judge you and laugh at you. That fear that becomes so serious that you feel real, physical symptoms and are tempted not to go out at all. If you give in to those symptoms and fears long enough itContinue reading “Your Brain: Social Anxiety”

Your Brain: Procrastination

Ever had one of those moments where you know that you need to do something, you intend to do it but then you don’t do it? Not just once but perhaps for days or even weeks at a time? The longer you leave it, the more stressed and disappointed in yourself you become, the moreContinue reading “Your Brain: Procrastination”

It’s All About You (Why I’m Coaching Myself First)

I’m stopping today. Letting it all go. Taking a deep breath in and a long breath out….. So many plans, so much energy, so many thoughts! I’ve worn myself out. Time to implement my five R’s: Retreat Reflect Refocus Relaunch Review In the new year you’ll hear about how YOU can implement them in yourContinue reading “It’s All About You (Why I’m Coaching Myself First)”

Can You Triumph Over A Trial?

When disaster hits, how do you respond? I’m focusing on the word “convinced” today. We have probably all been advised at some point or the other to see the positives in life and to learn lessons from our challenges but how often are we actually convinced that something good will come from it? When I’mContinue reading “Can You Triumph Over A Trial?”

Personal Development Evening

I’m speaking in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire (UK) on Monday 29th October at 7pm on the subject of mind management and happiness. “How To Do Happy: Love the life you have – Create the life you want”. I will be presenting on the three main causes of unhappiness and the three keys to happiness. If youContinue reading “Personal Development Evening”