It’s All About You (Why I’m Coaching Myself First)

I’m stopping today. Letting it all go. Taking a deep breath in and a long breath out….. So many plans, so much energy, so many thoughts! I’ve worn myself out. Time to implement my five R’s: Retreat Reflect Refocus Relaunch Review In the new year you’ll hear about how YOU can implement them in yourContinue reading “It’s All About You (Why I’m Coaching Myself First)”

When ‘This Year’ is Never Your Year

As we launch into 2018 my social media feeds are full of memes, quotes and blogs telling me that people are ready to slay 2018, claim all that’s coming to them, start a new chapter and have an adventure. Not only are they going to do it but they are exhorting me to do itContinue reading “When ‘This Year’ is Never Your Year”

New Year’s Revolution

Here it comes, that time of year when we make our New Year’s resolutions, determined to become a New Me. No more smoking, drinking and eating fatty foods. Time to get actually active in our active wear! Exercise, early to bed and early to rise. So it goes until some time around the middle ofContinue reading “New Year’s Revolution”